Thursday, November 6, 2008


We had a fun Halloween this year. I must say that I do miss the Halloweens of the past. I would spend hours sewing costumes for my kids and many times I would still be sewing when the door bell rang with the first Trick or Treaters. We would take the kids around the neighborhood and then end up at Grandma and Grandpa's house for donuts and hot cider and coco. The past few years G&G have been in Taylor so we are on our own to hold up the tradition. After trunk or treat Whitney abandoned us to spend the rest of the evening with her friends. Heidi and Brady came over for the traditional snacks.
This year I had decided that I would be all done with Haley's costume before Halloween day. I finished it about 2 a.m. the night before. I realized this year that Halloween is all about me. She wanted to be some kind of super hero. I kept giving her suggestions of other things that she could be but she wouldn't agree to any of them. Without consulting with her I started to make her a costume. When she figured out what I was doing she said that she wouldn't wear it, I kept sewing knowing that last year I got her into a costume that she refused to wear. I finished it and finally got her to agree to wear it. But she insisted that she would not wear the shoes or the wings. We encouraged her and she gave in. She wore the costume just as I had planned but she didn't wear a smile. At trunk or treat as she saw the super heros she would tell me that she wanted to be that. Next year I will try to let her make the choice.

Heid and Brady
Whitney in her 60's dress. Her hair was so cute it didn't show up in the picture. At EVIT they did theater makeup she had a big bruise on her arm and notice the eye lashes.
Haley took this picture of us. She is going to be our photographer. She takes great pictures.