Saturday, July 19, 2008

We had to stop at Mattas Grill before we could go home

Doesn't he look good

Sterling's plane

Haley waiting for her brother to arrive

She got some fun stuff

Heidi's Bridal Shower

Friday, July 18, 2008

A new chapter

I have enjoyed everyones blogs, so I thought that it was time to create our own. This has been a very exciting time for our family. As most of you know Sterling returned from his mission in Edmonton Canada on July 16th. What a wonderful day that was. I don't think that I have been so excited in my whole life. I was about to explode waiting for him to walk down the long aisle and through the security gate. He is the same great son that I sent off only better. Now he is busy trying to figure out his school schedule and then it will be time to find employment. After being home a few hours he looked at me and said "This is why people have jobs". I think he is feeling a little lost and needs to have a plan.
The wedding plans are coming along fine. Heidi and Brady will be married August 1st. There is still so much to be done. I will post pictures as I can