Monday, July 6, 2009


This is defiantly birthday season around our house. We celebrated Heidi's birthday on July 3rd. I can't believe I have a 24 year old. Being our first child Heidi had all of our attention and we adored everything she did. It seems my whole life was all about her. She was my very own little doll that I could dress up and play with. Everywhere we went people stopped us to tell us how cute she was.
She soaked it all up for the first two years of her life. Then she had to share the spotlight with Sterling. She was a good sister. She was always good with her hands. One day when she was about 5 and Sterling 3. She came in from the garage with Sterling's training wheels off of his bike. She told me that she found some tools and took them off for him. She taught him how to ride his bike and wanted me to come out and see. Sure enough Sterling was outside riding around on his bike with no training wheels. When she was about 7 she wanted to take piano lessons so bad that she told us that she would earn money to buy a piano. After pleading and pleading Loren bought her a piano. She still takes lessons to this day. She has been able to teach piano for the last 6 years. One of her greatest talents is her art. She has taken many classes at MCC and has several beautiful pieces of art.
Last weekend we were able to go to the Snowflake Temple with her and Brady. It was such a wonderful experience. Next month they will be sealed in the Mesa Temple. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out. I am so grateful for her and the life she lives.

Some of Heidi's art

Heidi and Brady
She's engaged

18th birthday

She loved dance

More Heidi

She loved to pose for the camera
It was the 80's. Bows were big. I think I made that bow.

I loved dressing her up

Thursday, June 25, 2009

more pictures

At the desert

Oops I got the wrong picture. But this one is kind of funny. Sterling switched every ones heads.

This is the "H" he can jump up and pull himself up and sit on top of.

being silly with Heidi


Lately the only time I update my blog is when I have a birthday to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Sterling!!!!!!!!

I am so lucky to have Sterling for a son. He has grown into a remarkable man. He was a very happy baby. He had the best laugh ever. We always joked that we could sell his laugh to Mattel and make a fortune. He had so much energy and NO FEAR. This quite often scared me to death. He was always climbing and jumping off of everything. He has a high tolerance for pain and so nothing ever hurt him. He always had a ball in his hand. If a ball wasn’t available he would roll up a sock or something to use as a ball. He could play catch for hours. As he grew taller he learned that he could jump high. He spent hour jumping to see how high he could reach. When his cousins came over he jumped up and pull himself on top of our “H” in our entry way. Then they all had to try it to see if they could do it. None of them came close to making it. I could go on and on about all the fun things he does but I won’t. You will just have to get to know him better so you can see for yourself. Here are a few photos of him.


Seeing how high he can jump

We loved going to his football, basketball, and baseball games

Notice all the bruises

He was sooooooooo cute.

Sterling and his big sister

Monday, May 18, 2009

Need Help

I don't know why but about half of the images on all blogs don't show up on my computer. I have two computers and they don't work on either one. It has been like this for about a month now. Does anyone else have this problem. It is taking the fun out of blogging. Any suggestions on how to fix this?